I am a self-taught landscape photographer living near the small town of Loxton, South Africa. I am inspired by capturing and creating artistic images of nature, with a fondness for long exposures and the ocean.

I have always had a fascination with nature and the great outdoors. From a young age, being outdoors felt better than being indoors. Photography has become the medium through which I attempt to communicate this love for the natural beauty all around us. My younger years were mostly spent surfing and hanging out on some of the many pristine beaches in the Boland area of SA. I still feel naturally drawn to the movement of water and although I live more inland these days, I make a point of scheduling regular trips to our incredible coastline.

The ocean is by far my favourite subject to shoot and just like our fingerprints, no two waves are ever exactly alike and neither will a photograph of them be. It is this ever-changing interaction between the coastal elements that inspire me to create images that I hope reflect some of the extraordinary scenes that transpire in front of my lens.

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